Shanthi: (November 7, 1956 to December 16, 1978) Shanthakumari (a.k.a. Shanthi), daughter of Parthasarathy Ramabhadran and Ponnammal Ramabadhran, was actively involved with the cultural activities of her father when he started a sabha at Mumbai (Music Triangle).
She was born with a congenital heart problem but survived until the age of twenty two. All the medical help was futile as it involved very tedious heart surgery. In those days, surgery was very risky. Even reputed doctors from the USA like Dr Denton Cooley, Prof DeBackey and Dr Christian Bernard had been consulted, but all efforts bore no fruit as all of them opined that performing a surgery on the frail body would prove catastrophic
Hence despite being a brilliant student, she had to be removed from school. Sitting at home, she wanted to keep herself occupied by doing something. She got involved in her father's cultural activities. Reading became a habit. She created a library of her own and started distributing books to the younger generation near her residence. She was proficient in German and had started training in French with the help of her cousin brother, Sridhar. She also learned photography from her father and used to take pictures, work in the dark room, make prints, enlargements, etc.
Most of the time, fatigue used to overtake her activities; but even with this handicap, she was diligent in her work. She helped her mother in the kitchen and kept herself energetic. There were some hutments around the colony where she lived. She used to teach classes for the poor from these hutments, thereby benefiting many school-going children. Even during festivities, she used to invite these children and distribute sweets, clothes, etc. and enjoyed the company of the kids.

SAFE: An ode to Shanthi: This charitable trust was started to continue the activities begun by her. A corpus fund was created by her parents and a trust was formed in her name in 1996.

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