After returning to Mumbai from USA in 1991, Sri. P. Ramabhadran, along with his wife Smt. Ponnammal Ramabhadran, made the decision to move to Chennai for good in 1992. Sri G.B.Duraiswamy, son of GNB, and Sri. Ramabhadran wanted to start a cultural organisation and toyed with the idea of taking over the Rasika Ranjani Sabha premises at Mylapore on a long lease for their cultural activities. Due to the early demise of Sri G.B.Duraiswamy,
this did not materialize. Sri Ramabhadran could not pursue the dreams of GBD since he lacked the knowledge of how much GBD had done. But this did not discourage Sri. P. Ramabhadran, who started SAFE - SHANTHI ARTS & FOUNDATION ENDOWMENTS, in the year 1996. He would have started the organisation earlier, if he had not gotten involved in GBD's project.
SAFE was founded in April 1996 with a substantial corpus fund created by Ramabhadran and his family, in memory of his loving daughter Shanthi, who passed away prematurely. The returns from the fund were to be divided into two halves. One half to go towards charity and the other towards the cultural activities. Therefore, SAFE is not a musical Sabha but a charitable cum cultural organisation for the city. SAFE was registered under the Trust and Society Act in April 1996.

Sri. Ramabhadran could handle SAFE effectively with the help of Sri. Srinivasan of Nadopasana and Smt. Sudha Raghunathan, since he had associated with senior artists while running Music Triangle, a Sabha at Mumbai founded by him. Both Sri Srinivasan and Smt. Sudha Raghunathan became part of the organization. The inauguration consisted of 3 days of cultural activities began in the month of December 1996 with the concert of Sri. M. Chandrasekharan. Sri T. M. Thyagarajan and Sri Calcutta Krishnamurthy were honored and felicitated. Sri Ramabhadran then formed a Trust in the name of 'SAFE' to administer the organisation efficiently. The premier trustees consisted of Sri P. Thothadri, Sri P. Ramabhadran, Smt. R. Ponnammal, Smt. Sudha Raghunathan and Sri Nadopasana Srinivasan. Sri. K.Y.R. Apathurai and Sri. Nadopasana K.S. Subramanian were honorary advisers.

The objective of SAFE was to have a series of music concerts in December to honour 2 to 3 senior musicians, felicitate eminent scholars and citizens, and provide scholarships to poor students towards education as well as music. The trustees decided to give cash awards in place of titles to Senior musicians. Shanthi, when she was living was always interested in helping the poor and needy. To satisfy this aspect, SAFE started contributing to half a dozen institutions which took care of destitute children and old, incapacitated people. These institutions started receiving money annually. This charity will be continued for years to come. SAFE has received many contributions, ranging from Rs.100 to Rs. 15,000, from well wishers over the years. SAFE is very grateful to them and assures that all your contributions will reach the needy and the poor without fail.

SAFE has been recognizing and promoting musically talented youngsters from the day of its inception. SAFE awards scholarships and musical instruments, such as Mridangams, Violins, and Tamburas to deserving candidates. SAFE also conducts music competitions every year. The winners are given medals, certificates and cash prizes ranging from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000. SAFE has been conducting Pallavi competitions for the past four years, which have been applauded by all music lovers. Since the year 2008, the then elected Trustees have taken over independent portfolios for the SAFE Trust. SAFE wants to maintain absolute transparency in their functioning. SAFE's auditors are Messers Karra and Co., Chennai. The Trustees of SAFE have committed to safeguard the funds of SAFE at all times.

Finally, SAFE is indebted to all those who have contributed in various ways towards the progress of SAFE and request for their continued support to SAFE.

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