With the passing of our trustee Sri 'Nadopasana' Srinivasan in early 2016, the music field lost a sincere organizer and the world at large one more symbol of dignity and decorum.

Almost every contemporary musician has sung at the sabha that he had made so popular. Nadopasana was not for the glitterati. On the contrary, it was an organization that was almost struggling to meet the costs. Srinivasan along with his small group (of which Sri Subramanian was also a trustee of SAFE) put their all into organizing good concerts come what may. Their only forte: sheer love for music. Srinivasan was a familiar face at all concerts whatever be the venue. He was not given to ego in any form and the fact that almost no musician, top ranking or otherwise had refused his request for a performance goes to show the sheer goodwill he had generated.

He refused the invitation offered by the Cleveland Aradhana Committee to honour him saying that he could not individually accept credit for a team effort (in spite of the fact that till his very end, the sabha had become synonymous with his name) Nobody has ever seen him ruffled or bad tempered. Certainly he had strong views and made no bones about airing them. The SAFE meetings were all the richer for his convincing arguments. But he was motivated solely by principles and not individuals.

A bachelor, Srinivasan had the freedom to travel wherever and whenever he pleased. He was a constant voyager to Thanjavur, Ettayapuram, where musical homage to the Syama Shastri and Muthuswami Dikshitar take place annually. Though he did not attend the grand Aradhana Festival at Thiruvaiyaru, he made it a point to go there later with a small band of musicians paying homage to the Thyaga Brahmam.

At SAFE he had a special role uniquely cut for him: The December series always began with his welcome address, a job he did with perfect Tamil in clear diction.

This deeply religious man was also a composer and one of his greatest joys was hearing his own songs being rendered in public. Nadopasana Srinivasan was a rarity in today's world. A man who placed right over might, happy relations over ego and music above all else.

At SAFE, his passing, just months after Sri Ramabhadran and a few more before Smt Ponnammal was the third blow.

Of course, SAFE concerts continue, the music plays on, but the effervescence of Kalyani is often dulled by the plaintive strains of Subha Panthuvarali. Time is a healer, but no amount of time can compensate for the contributions of this much loved trustee of SAFE.



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